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YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame

Overview and Purpose

The YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame at YMCA Blue Ridge provides a forum to recognize YMCA professionals and volunteers from the Southeastern United States who exemplify a lifetime of commitment to the mission and cause of the YMCA in their respective community. It honors individuals – YMCA professionals and volunteers alike - who have devoted their lives to strengthening their local community through their devotion and dedication to serving others thereby making a positive impact on individuals, on their community and the YMCA movement throughout the Southeast. The YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized for their leadership, always encouraging and nurturing others around them to develop their true potential in spirit, mind, and body.

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly’s historic relationship with YMCAs throughout the Southeast: Since its founding in 1906, YMCA Blue Ridge has partnered with the Y movement by establishing itself as a place where Y staff could come together to discuss, and sometimes debate, issues of social concern and determine how the Y should respond. Now for over 100 years, YMCA Blue Ridge has provided a platform where men and women of all races, colors and creeds could gather. In a safe environment, people have the opportunity to learn the importance of intellectual responsibility in their faith and internalize their life values. They also have the freedom to safely challenge the conventional thinking of the day.

As a training center, Blue Ridge’s serene environment has inspired thousands of Y staff and volunteer leaders to engage at a deeper level and commit to the Christian purposes of the Y movement. There is no better place to re-affirm your commitment to your faith than in the beauty of God’s creation. It is fitting for the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame to be a program of YMCA Blue Ridge and for the Assembly to provide staff support to the committed volunteers serving on the Southeast Hall of Fame Committee. The Ys of the SE HoF Committee is a subcommittee of the Advancement Committee and this subcommittee will be appointed by the Executive Committee of the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Board of Directors. The Advancement Committee will report annually to the full Board the work of the Southeast Hall of Fame Committee.

The Southeast Hall of Fame is housed in the historic Eureka Hall overlooking the beautiful Craggy and Black Mountain ranges. Pictures and accomplishments of the inductees are displayed to not only honor the inductees but to inspire young people to become YMCA volunteers or staff in the future helping to insure the success of the YMCA movement over time.

The collaborating organizations of the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame at YMCA Blue Ridge include the Weatherford and Willis Chapters of the Association of YMCA Retirees, the Association of YMCA Professionals Chapters in the Southeastern United States and YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly. Inductions into the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame will take place annually in conjunction with the fall meeting of the YMCA Blue Ridge Board of Directors at YMCA Blue Ridge. For information on the induction process, download an application, or contact Melissa Bailey Logan at mblogan@yblueridge.org.



YMCAS of the Southeast Hall of Fame Recipients

Class of 2018

Norman Urquhart

Kent Rea

Willis Bradford

Legacy Inductees:

Catherine Helms

Fulton Johnson

George Creswell


Class of 2017

Jim Leiby

Barbara Roper

Herb Wilkinson

Legacy Inductees:

H.G. Hill Sr.

Tracey Sullivan

Frank M. “Scotty” Washburn

National YMCA Hall of Fame Recipients 

Class of 1985

Paul M. Limbert

Class of 1992

William A. Hunton

Class of 1993

Willis D. Weatherford

Class of 1995

Earl P. Armstrong

Class of 1997

Paul M. Grist

Class of 2000

Bev R. Laws

Jesse Moorland

Class of 2001

Thomas B. Hargrave

Class of 2004

Harry H. Brace

Richard W. MacMorran

Class of 2006

Julius Jones

Adrian B. Moody

William V. Phillips

Class of 2013

William M. Barnhardt

Quentin R. Mease

Anthony Bowen

Luther D. Wishard

Class of 2016

Ron Kinnamon


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